This live page will compile smaller releases, inclusive of collaborations, under my name. Larger projects have their own pages.

Across This Wasteland With You (2019)

Written together with my partner, Sin Posadas/Diwata ng Manila. Do consider becoming one of their patrons on Patreon.

This is a two-player micro-RPG about weathering across an empty, desolate world with no one else but your partner. This game is meant to be a metaphor for the experience of being a queer person in a world that does not quite accept who you are. This is about the journey towards finding a safe space.

You two represent very real emotions and must work together to support each other to reach The Safe Land, a place that they say isn’t as lonely as the rest of the world.

One of our top-selling games.

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A Rising Tide (2019)

Submitted for Pleasant Dream Jam and for Community Jam.

The rising tide lifts all boats.

"A Rising Tide" is a ritual game built for a table of 3-5 players, although you can expand your table to be as big as you think you can manage. It's all about discussing how to uplift each other, dream big, and sharing our burdens with our consent in a safe, cozy environment.

Download it for free on Itch.

Business Card Jam Games (2019)

Submitted en masse to the jam. You can download them all for free on Itch:

·         A Rose For You

·         It's Dangerous to Go Alone. Take This!

·         Is This Burning An Eternal Flame?

·         Pretty Guardians of Destiny

·         Music Is Your Radar

·         Stop! It's Pet Spamming Time!

Karaoke In My Heart (2019)

Written together with Kazumi Chin.

In this LARP, you'll get together with your friends, bring a list of songs, and sing them to one another. Sing them, that is, with a whole lot of subtext. With a whole lot of pining.

And for real, out loud, together.

Available on Itch, Pay What You Want.

Ma'am Ser Saan Po Kayo? (2019)

Submitted to Folklore Jam.

Being a taxi driver is a tough job already. Being a taxi driver with your third eye wide open and a kind heart makes it even harder. “Ma’amser, Saan Po Kayo?” translates (roughly) in English to “Ma’am/sir, where to?”. This is a 2-4 hour micro-RPG designed for 3-5 players. It’s about bringing passengers where they need to be at night. Pilot a kind-hearted cabbie who does their round in Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Have some of your friends play your familiars – spirits or monsters that you helped in the past, and are now trying to pay it forward. This is a city where there are just as many spirits as there are people, and they need help too. Take that wheel, hang some sampaguita on your rearview mirror, fire up Waze. Your passengers are waiting.

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My Big Fat Aswang Wedding (2019)

Written together with my partner, Sin Posadas/Diwata ng Manila. Do consider becoming one of their patrons on Patreon.

Weddings in the Philippines are never just marriages between two individuals who love each other very much. They are marriages between entire families. MY BIG FAT ASWANG WEDDING is a party game that is all about exploring the awkward, the crazy, the highs and the lows, the joys and the sorrows of the social contract that is marriage and how it is in our country - only, players get to play aswangs, and indulge in some loving exaggeration.

Get ready to roleplay out the best supernatural wedding of the century, with telenovena-esque drama to dish out in spades. This game aims to be light, zany and joyous. Keep the drama IN the drama, and don't bring it to the table.

Buy it on Itch. Community Copies Available.

Public Utility Mechs (2019)

Written together with my partner, Sin Posadas/Diwata ng Manila. Do consider becoming one of their patrons on Patreon.

Public Utility Mechs is system-light, modular world and story building game that is all about playing the Drivers of transformable public transportation vehicles in a talyerpunk - more junkpunk, definitely Pinoy - version of the Philippines in the wake of invading alien forces who wish to subjugate mankind with "love". We decided to go halo-halo with our systems, mixing bits of Tunnel Goons, Macchiato Monsters, the Black Hack First Edition, PtbA, and Lancer!

One of our top-selling games.

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Purplest Prose (2019)

Our subtitle ought to say it all: this is a game about coming together to write the trashiest romance stories you can think of! Build a group of 3-5 players to keep things quick, dirty and fun. Develop a writer persona - complete with a trashy social media profile to introduce yourself with - and engage in some Cards Against the Humanity style gameplay as each one of you competes to make the best romance novel evar.

One of my top-selling games. Check some reviews and players of the game having fun out here:

Buy it on Itch. Community Copies Available.

Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (2019)

Submitted for Hot Horror Jam.

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites is a narrative RPG about spending your night in one of the only clubs in your city that’s safe for creatures of the night like yourself. All you want to do is have some fun just like the humans do. Play a supernatural creature of choice, put some sick EDM on the speakers and get your game on!

The basic premise of this game involves all of your characters hanging around at the same, supernaturals only place after dark – a night club, a concert, a bar, a coffeeshop, wherever you fancy as players. For one reason or another, you’re there to unwind, chill, and maybe – just maybe, find somebody to spend the night with. Each of you interact with each other by choosing the way you approach each other,  rolling to see how successful you were, then narrating how scenes go based on the results. You’ll show each other your character’s approval for how well the flirting is going by giving each other tokens. You’ll also be able to spend tokens to make sure conditions in the club are just right.

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Asian Acceptance (2020)

Asian Acceptance is a story game that hopes to explore what it is like to spend a day in the shoes of a LGBTQIA+ person in the Closet, or who must navigate through everyday situations in the aftermath of coming out. It utilizes the system of Dread, because we feel like the inherent tension of Dread's system together with the physicality involved in playing it is a good simulation of the experience of being queer. It requires a Facilitator, and can comfortably seat 2-5 players. Beyond that, you'll need a handful of tokens, a Jenga or Jenga-like tower, and stuff to write with.

Each participant in a session will play an Emotion and build a Character together. Part of building the Character means discussing the things that Root them against the stress of every day life. The table will then choose a Scenario that they'd like to play through. By relying on their Roots and the skill (or luck) of their pulls, players will get attempt to keep their Character from running out of Spoons and surviving another day in the Closet, or freshly out the Closet.

One of my top-selling games.

Buy it on Itch. Community Copies Available. Willing to give a download link for free to Asian and queer folks.

Only Assholes Have To Die At the End Of This Dungeon (2020)

“Only assholes Have to Die at the End of this Dream” is a one player dungeon crawl. You’re playing a character who has discovered that they’re stuck in a nightmare.

This nightmare involves being chased through a terrifying dungeon full of gruesome traps and ridiculously lethal obstacles. At the end of the dungeon, a Final Boss stands between you and the Exit. The Final Boss always, always bears the face, body, and voice of a mortal you have wronged. They’ve realized their final form in this dungeon after being So Done With Your Shit.

Everything in this dungeon kills you in one hit. If you die in this nightmare, you die in real life.

If you're not an asshole, love and cookies. If you ARE one, buy this game and die.

Buy it on Itch. Community Copies Available.

Our Armistice (2020)

The War is over, and your Hearts must return Home.

Our Armistice is a two-player story game about partners who have been torn about by conflict beyond themselves. It was, oddly enough, inspired by a discussion I saw on Twitter about playing sex workers within the context of a traditional RPG world. This prompted me to consider gamifying what it must be like to be a "hero" in the aftermath of the end of a massive conflict or quest, ready to come back to the person they love the most.

One of my top-selling games.

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Tinoli Me Tangere! (2020)

This game is proud to be #RPGSEA, submitted for the #RPGSEA-grown Chicken Jam of 2020.

This is TINOLI ME TANGERE!, a game about social climbing for tinolang manok in the 1800s. It's a little different from FIREBRANDS, the game that this is a hack of. The objective is to creative a hilarious, bombastic period piece about a bunch of scrappy, ambitious social climbers fighting over who gets to sit at the table of a woman with means, and the people - some kind-hearted, others snobbish - who seek to block them. Lean into the telenovena vibes, with its melodrama and its sheer over-the-topness. Squabble. bicker, simper, upstage each other, hate each other as passionately as you love each other. You want that chicken breast, and by hook or by crook, you intend to get it.

Requires 5-6 players, and a way to track tokens if you can't use them at the moment. Props optional: teleserye level drama advised.

Buy it on Itch. Community Copies Available.