Hello, World!

"So, it finally happened. I've returned to my high school roots and gone back to personal blogging." A small explanation on what this blog will be for, plus link backs to older things.

Hello, World!

So, it finally happened. I've returned to my high school roots and gone back to personal blogging.

In light of me attempting to establish myself as a game designer and community human within #RPGSEA, I suppose that shouldn't be surprising. There's an ever-growing list of things that I feel like I can write about on my own terms, separate from platforms like Play Without Apology. After releasing two articles on Medium and formulating a whole bunch of Twitter threads, however, it looks like I've got an audience that would like to hear more about what I think, and more about the particular contexts that I come from.

In addition to any articles I put together on... well, everything of interest to me (the most important topics being design and community stuff), this will also be my news reel. As part of their benefits, patrons of mine from Patreon will be getting early access to my stuff here.

To kick things off, here are the two articles I posted on Medium prior to the launching of this website. I considered putting up versions of them here, but decided to just leave things where they are for analytics and the like.

The State of the Philippine TRPGS “Nation”
Here’s where I get into the difficulties of smashing the gates of tabletop roleplaying game design, specifically for Filipino game designers like myself.

Part-expose, part-treatise, and part-confessional. "The State of the Philippine TRPGS Nation" was my attempt at explaining how things are for Filipino game designers to outsiders. It ended up resonating a lot with Pinoy creators from other industries, and also echoed back to the wider spheres of RPGSEA.

On Community & Community “Leadership”
The original version of this post can be found on Twitter. If you liked this, buy me a Ko-Fi. If you want to check my games out, they’re all on Itch. If you want me to keep doing what I am doing…

A more personal piece that I decided to put together, since I am constantly full of feelings as a community point person.

...And of course, there are the articles I have put together so far for Play Without Apology as its Editor-in-Chief, and older stuff from What's A Geek. There's a smattering of news pieces and events coverage things on both those websites, beyond reviews, personal pieces, features, and op-eds.