This is a live page that compiles all of the interviews, guesting, workshops, speaking engagements, actual plays and the like that I have done in the past.

Grimdark is Overrated: The Importance (of Flowers, Sunshine, and Rainbow-Sh*tting Unicorns) Optimism in Hero Narratives (2017)

Speaking engagement for Gamers & Gaming Meets Philippines.

Introduction slide to the Powerpoint Presentation for "Grimdark is Overrated".

While the talk did not get recorded due to technical difficulties, there is a full slide-by-slide wrap of the entire thing published on Play Without Apology: Part I and Part II.

CNN Life Interview: An online space made for queer and female geeks and gamers (2018)

Written by Julienne Joven. Published on November 29, 2018

From left to right: Mia Marci, Marielle Baysa, Pamela Punzalan, Denice de Guzman, and Noelle Pico. Photo by NIKKI BONUEL While De Guzman and Pico are no longer on the team, the admin as of 2020 has expanded to welcome Xrystina Marcos and Sinta Posadas.
For PWOA, the site brings to light a myriad narratives that aren’t visible and stories that need to be heard. They write for the girls who are able to explore their sexuality because of fanfiction, for their students who are told they’re not consuming the right literature even as they read comics upon comics, for the queers who play games as a form of living out the fantasy of loving freely when the outside world proves to be hostile.
The only baseline is that articles have to be well-written and fair. In this space, they see writing as an act of self-reflection, and encourage their writers to admit blind spots and learn from it — in contrast to the “cancelledt” culture spreading online. As female and queer gamers, the team advocates for compassion and empathy: towards your narrative, yourself, and the other person on the other side of the screen.

This was the first interview that Play Without Apology received from a major publication. You can read the rest here.

It's 2019, Let's Talk About It: Inclusivity, Safety, Diversity & Other Not So Scary Things (2019)

Speaking engagement for CauseCon Manila 2019.

My forum was posted on the CauseCon Manila Facebook Page, and posted live during the event.

Part I:

Geplaatst door A Hero's Call op Zaterdag 27 april 2019

Part II:

Geplaatst door A Hero's Call op Zaterdag 27 april 2019

Female Network Interview, for #FNLifePeg: This Pinay Proves It's Time Women Stop Apologizing for Breaking the Mold (2019)

Written by Ysabel Y. Yuzon. Published on June 16, 2019.

Photo taken by Jico Joson.
“We’re told our whole lives to stay small, be silent, put up with it, keep the peace.. whereas boys are allowed to do whatever the hell they want… Many girls have spoken about how they feel the need all of a sudden to fight other girls because they only make room for a few that are “acceptable,” according to geek culture. I used to get a range of comments, and it was very unfair in retrospect, because I had never been made to feel right. If I didn’t wear makeup, I was “one of the boys,” if I did wear makeup, I was fake. If I got too close to a guy, dapat mag-boyfriend-girlfriend na kami
“There was never anything that could really tell me that I belong there, so we just decided that we have to fight for the space.”

This is the first formal interview I've had as a designer and community figure, published under a major publication. You can read the rest here.

What Queer Worlds May Come (2019)

Speaking engagement for LacunaCon #2: Dauntless. For more information about LacunaCon, you may visit this website.

Introductory slide from the PowerPoint Presentation.

Technical difficulties prevented the PWOA team from recording this presentation in full. As such, the gallery features all relevant slides. The talk revolved around some basic pointers on designing inclusive, empathetic games - particularly queer games - for beginners.

RPGSEAsts: Big Bad Con (2019)

Panel speaker together with Ben Chong and Mahar Mangahas.

This is a panel where we discussed #RPGSEA, Southeast Asian game design, community, and issues that mattered to us. We also fed everyone there.

We weren't able to record the original panel as presented. However, we do plan on revisiting this discussion in the future.

Asians Read: AD&D Oriental Adventures (April 2020)

Guest star for Part V: Family, Clans, and Caste.

This is a special series under the Asians Represent podcast. You may view the entire playlist on Youtube.

Game Closet #71: Pammu (May 2020)

Designer Interview

Recorded late into 2019, now available for everyone to listen to! Courtesy of Taylor and Riverhouse Games. Head over to this post for the embedded file, plus links that you can go through as you follow the discussion.