Design Credits

This is a live page compiling all of the game writing I have done for other projects. Ordered by year, month where possible, and then alphabetically. For my own releases, check this page or their individual pages out!

The Curse of the House of Rookwood (2019)

Designer: Michael Addison / Nerdy Pup Games

The Curse of the House of Rookwood is a gothic horror tabletop roleplaying game where you create a cursed family with supernatural powers and troubled relationships, and take them on strange adventures in an alternate history haunted by mythical monsters and dark magic. Will you work together to bury your skeletons, or will family drama bring your house to ruin?

I was one of the initial stretch goals for the Kickstarter. The scenario that will be included for all backers is By the Serpent's Moon:

It is 1872. The fires of rebellion have begun to burn in the Philippines, following the public execution of three priests for being “conspirators against the Crown”. You are a Malaahas, part of a family who has turned their backs on God. Your Progenitor’s love for a diwata – a small but powerful deity – turned into an obsession. Against the backdrop of a young Revolution, you’re out to stop a monster from devouring men and women who are meant for greater things.
The closest translation we can for “malaahas” is “like a snake”. This is our small nod to the bakunawa – the winged serpent who rampaged across the heavens and devoured the moon gods. The disappearance of the moon is said to be the reason for eclipses.

Kickstarter Page here. Playkit available for download on Itch.

Disk-Horse #1: Off to the Races (Zinequest 2, 2020)

Designer: Fiona Maeve Geist

Disk Horse is a spectacular spectacular combining elements of procedural generation, (including of resolution mechanics) with a Powered by the Apocalypse core probably unrecognizable to Meguey and Vincent Baker. The core conceit is replicating a historical game where the originator of the idea that the worlds most popular roleplaying game disconnects you from reality--and precursor to later adherents who argued it teaches you magic or makes you a thrall to satanic forces--paid a DM to run a game for him; in case you are wondering the play report doesn't sound like the world's most popular roleplaying game. This is a game built on the following premise: a gaming table where an investigator is trying to bait their (paid, unprepared, with the wrong book) DM into proving the game 'causes' a social ill and bystander players is a dynamic situation that can play out a lot of ways.

I was one of the stretch goals for the Kickstarter. I plan on producing several modular tables and an alternative scenario revolving around messy OOC relationships in tabletop roleplaying game sessions.

Kickstarter Page here.

i'm sorry did you say street magic (Zinequest #2, 2020)

Designer: Caro Asercion

I was one of the stretch goals for this Kickstarter, for the playset of Elegy under the Easy Streets supplement:

On the Hour of Flame, Elegy hums with music. It seems like one song, beautiful and strange. It is not one song, but several. All that bear the touch of Elegy has their own music: a few notes, a bridge, a chorus, a line, an entire song in itself. These are remnants of Saints, Pilgrims who give themselves up so that Elegy may survive.
To be a citizen of Elegy is to be a life won by the life of another. To walk Elegy’s streets is to walk upon the bones and dreams of heroes. Remember, though: not all Pilgrims complete their journey. Not all Leaps of Faith are perfect.

You can check the Kickstarter out here. You may also download the game here.

The Treasure At The End Of This Dungeon (Zinequest #2, 2020)

Designer: Taylor LeBresh / Riverhouse Games

I was one of the stretch goals for this Kickstarter, for a Room and a Self:

Room: The Altar - After a small eternity of deep shadows, terrible odds, and grueling fights, stumbling upon a spot of quiet unspoiled by monsters can be jarring. But this is not a place where mortals can walk free. This is a god's hallow, a resting place of an Other. They watch. They listen. They demand supplication.
Self: The Gravedigger - Nothing stays buried for too long in a dungeon that never ends. Bones, bodies, treasure, love and memories are only as heavy as their attachments. You're comfortable in the in-between space of clinging hard to what seems ready to pass, and letting go of that which has no desire to leave.

You can check the Kickstarter out here. The current version of the game is available for purchase on Itch.

Eat Trash. Be Free. (2020)

Designer: David Cox

It's been growing for a few years now. It has all those small-town amenities you love: the Old Town, the local branch of Halmart, a Drive-In Theater, a little State Park, and even a bustling industrial chicken farm called Miller's Chickens. It's been great for the humans of Smalltown.
Unfortunately, the town's growth hasn't been as kind to the local fauna. The expansion of Smalltown has taken over much of the habitat of the local critters. So to survive they have turned to theft. Their target? The great treasure chests full of smelly, delicious, some-what rotten (but it's fine) garbage that those big dumb humans leave outside. Though recently the humans have been making it harder to get to that slimey gold. So you've gotten a little group of specialists together and you're gonna make sure you and yours get fed or die trying.

I was one of the designers who was brought on board to design a faction for the game. Be on the lookout for The Red Razors, a roost of tough, no-nonsense chickens found on the edge of town. Their members are all fighting cocks who broke free from their handlers, or chickens they’ve liberated from human hands.

You can check the Kickstarter out here.

Procession (2020)

Designer: Tyler Magruder / Zargo Games

Every year the citizens of Edmund Valley are witness to the Procession, a march of fantastic and monstrous beings that pass through the town, and as they do, they perform miracles. Discover the miracles of the Procession and decide how they change your version of Edmund Valley.

I did some of the prompts for the Kickstarter zine release of this project. You may download it on Itch.

Spire: Shadow Operations (2020)

Designer: Grant Howitt / Rowan, Rook and Decard

SHADOW OPERATIONS is an upcoming supplement for the Spire RPG which features eleven one-shot missions all designed to be as easy to run as possible written by a variety of authors.

I wrote the mission "These Feral Saints" for the book:

Drow Saints reincarnate when they die. One of them has shown up in the religious tinderbox that is Pilgrim’s Walk: recruit her as an operative before the church of Our Glorious Lady or the sect of the Crimson Vigil execute or sacrifice her.

You can check official announcement here, on their blog. If you wish to purchase the book, you can check this link out.