My name is Pamela Punzalan. I go by Pam, Pammu, or The Dovetailor in online circles. I'm a demisexual, polyamorous Filipino geek journalist, community manager, writer, editor, consultant, and game designer based in Metro Manila. Spent eight and a half years of my childhood in Vancouver, British Columbia, and currently hold a Canadian passport together with my Filipino one.

Photograph courtesy of Female Network. Taken By: Jico Joson

Outside of industry and community work for tabletop roleplaying games, I'm a former university professor, an academic with a masteral background in Literary and Cultural Studies, and a real estate broker. The fact that I am the only daughter in a Filipino family of six children may say a lot about my personality and what I stand for.

I am on the admin team for Philippine Table-top RPGs - the main hub for designers, players, and GMs in the Philippines - deeply involved with #RPGSEA, and the founder of the Dreamseas Discord Server. I am also the Editor-in-Chief of Play Without Apology, a feminist website that seeks to explore geek spaces and geek concerns through a queer/femme lens. There was also a period where I was the Managing Editor of What's A Geek, a geek culture hub that writes from the Filipino perspective.

There was a long period where I was writing fanfiction.

While design of all flavors interests me, the movement I identify with the most is #SWORDDREAM.

Pronouns are She/They. Pam and Pammu are fine for direct addresses. If honorifics are a thing, Ms. Punzalan or Ms. Pam is okay.

Of the channels below, Twitter, Discord, and email are the best avenues to reach me. My Facebook account is reserved for folks whom I have had direct interactions with in person or within a professional capacity.

The Dovetailor graphic assets were made by Vee Hendro.




Twitter: @TheDovetailor

Discord: TheDovetailor#0323

Email: pam dot punzalan @ gmail dot com

Facebook: pamela.punzalan.5